Mrs. Sonam, Captain Nitin Nayyar, Sonit
Mrs. Sonam, Captain Nitin Nayyar, Sonit.
Houston, Texas, USA.

I have known Dr Mayur Jain for almost 5 years now. My son had a bad case of follicular tonsillitis. I can't even remember how many doctors I had tried for him. Starting from the best pediatrics in Sitaram Bhartiya to AIIMS to Apollo to any other good pediatric anyone would suggest. But Sonit (my son) would not respond to any doctors's medication. He would have bouts of fever which would go upto 104.5 every 20-25 days followed by sever cough n vomiting n not eating at all , missing school , missing extra curricular activities and so on. Life seemed very difficult and we had almost decided to get his tonsils operated, as each doc would suggest.

But as luck would have it, someone suggested a homeopathic doc , Mayur Jain , and I thought, ok last try (but in my mind I was not sure if he would be able to do anything). I still clearly remember the day I took Sonit to Dr Jain... He was suffering from more than 104 fever, with very bad cough and was shivering like a leaf. Dr Jain took all the history and started treatment. He looked very confident and his confidence gave me a little hope. It took a while.. From the history of recurring fever of 20 days, it went upto 30 days then to 40 to over 2 months to 4 to 6 months and we continued the treatment with hope and faith.

We shifted to the US in 2012 and I carried all his homeopathic medicines, which Dr Jain prescribed. Sonit is 10 years old now and by the grace of God and Dr Jain he is a healthy kid with just an occasional cough or cold and his tonsils intact.

I can't thank Dr Jain enough for all he has done for us. He is a truly committed doctor and a Good Samaritan. I call him any time of the day from US , whenever Sonit is not well and he tells me what medication to use. I fell really blessed to have gone to him.

Thank you Dr Jain.

Mrs. Preeti Jain, Mr. Pratish Jain, Mr. Samarth Jain
Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

I came to know about Dr. Mayur Jain from my brother in law, and i am blessed that i could take your advise for my serious condition like MS and improve upon my health; improve upon my immune system which has helped me & my wife NOT to be sick very quarter :).

It's more than 3 years of our association, and i have been recommending you as my doctor to everyone, who asks me about my health and how i recovered.

Really, you have improved on our immune system, with all your natural medicines and i really appreciate from the bottom of my heart.

If I have to mention improvements in health personally as well as of that of my family, it would be quite a long list. Let me put things in a gist.

My daughter Gia, stopped falling ill, irrespective of weather changes or anything else.


I would like to take this opportunity to Thank you Dr. Mayur for all the great health you have given to me and my family.

Best Ragrds,
Thank You, Dr. Mayur Jain

Mrs. Preeti Jain, Mr. Pratish Jain, Mr. Samarth Jain
Mrs. Pallavi Walia Raj, Commander Bimal Raj, Ms. Gia Maria Raj
Mrs. Pallavi Walia Raj, Commander Bimal Raj, Ms. Gia Maria Raj
Pune, Maharastra, India.

We met Dr Mayur Jain as a friend and colleague in one of the projects I was working. It was a meeting at home and my 2 year old daughter was all over my home. He looked at her for sometime and started speaking about her behavioural patters, her health challenges and even her emotional make up. This totally caught my attention as I had never seen anyone so accurate about my child just in the first meeting itself. That's when I realized Dr Mayur Jains brilliance as a doctor.

I personally have many health challenges, but just following his advice for two months, I was able to attend a gruelling international camp which is physically and mentally very draining. I was able to go through this one week camp without even flinching once. He had made my physical strength and immunity very strong by then.

My parents have health challenges due to old age. He was able to get even serious situations like cholesterol, blood sugar etc.

My wife Pallavi, is one of the biggest beneficiaries of Dr Mayur Jain. She gives him a call at least once a week with some challenge or the other and Dr Mayur helps her out every single time.

When it comes to health, we as a family swear by Dr Mayur Jain because he has proven himself every single time in the past 4 years that we have known him. The best part about his treatment is that he doesn't treat symptoms, he goes to the root of the cause. The kind of questions he asks for a seemingly straight forward illness are very different from a regular doctor.

He believes in his patients NOT falling sick, which is very surprising coming from a doctor!!! But he really means it because that's what he has been guiding us to do. If anyone follows all that he says to the T, one can be rest assured that he/she won't have any health challenges anytime in the near future.

Hope this helps... not Dr Mayur, but someone else, who like us looking for the "Right" Doctor.

Thank You Mayur