Experiencing episodes of persistent cough and/or breathlessness and/or shortness of breath and/or whistling-wheezy sound in chest on breathing? You may have asthma!

ASTHMA99 is a healthful boutique clinic specialized for upto 99% root-level cure & care of chronic respiratory diseases (CRD) which includes asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by Dr. Mayur Jain MD (H).


Mission is to help the suffering children & adults to get free of observed and/or diagnosed sign-n-symptoms of asthma & COPD upto 99% (apparently healthy status). Along with the freedom from strong chemical drugs, inhalers, nebulizers, etc. side-effects and lifelong dependency.

For the love of free breathe and living young it’s essential to treat the cause of asthma & COPD at roots, using right manure and fertilizers. And not to suppress or palliate the disease for short term gain and lifelong pain.

The very first patient was my beloved mother Mrs. Ritu Jain. After three decades of suffering, she is 99% free of asthma for the past 5+ years; no asthma medicines dependency. The in-depth learning from treating her, along with experience of treating many cases across the globe; gives me confidence for such success in asthma & COPD treatment.

Let us work together to cure & care your Asthma/COPD