About Asthma 99

A unique healthcare clinic dedicated in treating asthma & COPD using holistic scientific methods and homoeopathy medicines, for restoring the health of sick lungs with preventive/prophylactic vision.
Today’s increasing asthma, COPD & poor health status are the outcomes of:

  • Pollution (ever increasing), Smoking (active & passive), various infections,
  • Miss-managed & ill-treated:- lifestyle, nutrition, diet, physical & mental rest, cognition, emotional/spiritual wellbeing,
  • Genetic predispositions (family diseases),
  • Quantum increase in STRESS at job/work place, finances, travel, society,
  • Reduced recreation time, self-inner healing, quality family time,
  • Lack of simplified preventive healthful education, nutrition science, public awareness of latest wellness research & development and
  • Most damaging is the absence of early and Periodic Health screening including lung function test.

To answer these deep rooted lacunae of today’s fast pace life and to restore lungs wellness, tailor-made services are provided; with enough education to change the way mankind approaches toward their own lungs/health wellness & prosperity.

For the Love of Lungs – Life – Prana Vayu!
Lungs – two dynamic organs in the chest cavity surrounding our heart like life giving angels. These two angels bless us with life – pranavayu by delivering oxygen to our body cells and expelling carbon dioxide, the toxic waste product of energy production.
Breathe to Life - Inhaled air enters the body via a nose or mouth. From here, it follows the airway path - windpipe (trachea), to bronchi, to bronchus, to narrow hollow twigs called bronchioles. These bronchiole ends as a microscopic air sac called an alveoli, functioning as a two-way road channel; that allows/absorbs oxygen in to the body (blood stream) from inhaled air and on other way picks up carbon dioxide from body (blood toxin) into alveoli to expelled out with exhalation.
Any Dysfunctioning or clogging/narrowing of this respiratory system due to any of the several reasons; may cause difficulty in breathing or reduced blood oxygen – pranavayu to trigger asthma.